Accessories Réservoir de disconnexion

Option de grande capacité (1,5m³/h)

- Connection alimentation en eau 1/2".
- Electrovanne montée entre l’ arrivée d’eau potable et le réservoir . Le flotteur est remplacé par le coude. (20mm avec  20Mx1/2"M)

Support mural Réservoir de disconnexion SEM

Pour le montage du réservoir de disconnexion SEM. Support mural est enduit de poudre. Un montage facile au mur  avec kit de montage fourni

Option clapet anti-siphon pour breaktank

This optional safety device ensures that the Breaktank can never start siphoning. When can siphoning occur? In those cases where the break tank hangs higher than the level of the basin. In most cases siphoning will not occur when the filter installation is in operation because there is then back pressure from the filter system. However, if the circulation fails, for example due to a power failure, it is possible that the Breaktank will start siphoning, with all the consequences that entails. Think of overflowing the basin or extra wastage of water. This valve shuts off the supply from the break tank to the basin if replenishment is not necessary, even if there is a power failure. With this option extra security is therefore offered!

- Connection size pressure pipe 25mm adhesive connection.
- Solenoid valve is mounted between the break tank pressure valve and the supply point on the pipework of the filter installation, (with the supplied PVC materials for intermediate construction in the pressure pipe. The supplied solenoid valve is electrically connected in the control cabinet.